SCSI Charity Work

Over the years SCSI has helped raise thousands of pounds for charity and will help out any worthy cause. One of the main causes we have supported is for one of Tim's oldest friends Will Fenton who had a trampolining accident in 2002 which left him paralysed. The video on the right is from one of the charity events organised by Tim Hills, Huw Parry and Jamie Bridgeman. To find out more about Will's fundraising requirements please click here.


If you would like SCSI to help with any charity work please contact us and we will see how we can help

Helping Will Fenton Walk Again



Tim Hills giving Will Fenton a cheque

Tim handing Will Fenton and Lou Knight a cheque for £1645. Raised at the Corn Hall fundraiser.

Latest Video

October 13th 2011


This is a video of some new exercises in the bars and walking on the treadmill at 1kph with no harness. This time I managed it without pulling a hamstring or bruising my foot.